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Top Sirloin, Available now in the Store

Top Sirloin is the muscle just next to the Tenderloin. It's not quite as tender as a tenderloin but in my opinion the flavor is better. I just added them to my online store and I wanted to share this idea for how to prepare them.

This recipe is super quick but it feels really fancy when you are eating it. We used to run this dish off and on at Julienne when we needed an easy steak dish that could be served with polenta and anything green from the Farmers Market. Asparagus, Spinach, Broccoli, Broccoli Rabb (pictured here), Radicchio (is not green but red). Basically you are looking for anything that would be good with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Blue Cheese. Beef and blue cheese is one of my all time favorite combinations.

I'm really just going to focus on steak here because I am assuming that most of my readers know how to make polenta. The sauce that is pictured above is a red wine bordelaise. I happened to have some bone broth in the fridge so I used a little of that to give it body. Even with a good chunk of butter the sauce was kind of thin, but whatever about the sauce... look at that chunk of cheese!!!

Pre-heat the oven to 400 Degrees

Start by cutting a pocket in the steak. These Top Sirloins are especially good for stuffing because they are "baseball cut" and always come pretty tall. Even with that you need to BE CAREFUL when are doing this. Don't cut yourself but also don't cut all the way through the steak. You are making a pocket that ideally is going to sit right in the center.

Next you are going to take the blue cheese and the sun-dried tomatoes and you are going to stuff them into that pocket you just cut. Don't be shy with the amount. As much as will fit. Then take and shape them up a bit with your hand (I like to keep a box of gloves in the kitchen for handling raw meat. I know you are all up on your PPE)

Season with salt and pepper and pan roast on Medium-High heat. You want a nice crust on both sides. There is olive oil in this pan you just can't really see it...

After I get a good golden brown on both sides of the steak (about 2-3 min on each side) I like to take the greens (assuming you are using greens) and put them in the pan, under the steaks and throw that into the 400 degree oven.

Pictured here was about 4-5 minutes at 400 degrees. I was cooking Broccoli Rabb from my garden and I like my Top Sirloin just shy of Medium (which is how I cook almost all my steaks). If you want steak cooked less, you probably don't need the oven time. Rare can be achieved on the stove top. If you like steak cooked more, you'll need more oven time. You be the boss of the food. The idea with this is that you just pan roasted these two steaks and then cooked your greens (or veg) in that flavor. That's good. Do that. It's also efficient on the clean up (One Pan Wonder).

The sauce was a simple Red Wine Bordelaise; a reduction of some red wine with shallot and sliced garlic. Add some bone broth, reduce and finish with butter, S&P. Simple simple. I have a sauce series that I am working on... so stay tuned.

Sun Dried Tomato & Blue Cheese Stuffed Top Sirloin served with Creamy Polenta, Broccoli Rabb and Red Wine Bordelaise

Pretty good little midweek dinner and great with your favorite local red wine.

Steaks are available in the Choice Meat Section of the Order Page.

Eat well!!


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