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I learned how to cook from my Father and in the kitchens of his restaurants.  After working in his restaurants for over a decade, I attended Culinary School at Le Cordon Blue in San Fransisco. I moved to Santa Barbara in 2007 and operated my own restaurants (Julienne and Wildwood Kitchen) spanning over a decade. Needless to say, I have a lot to share when it comes to cooking. I retired from the restaurant business in 2019 after the closing of Soul Cal Smokehouse and now my recipes and techniques are avaiable to enrich your own kitchens. 

If you need more confidence in the kitchen, or you are looking for some new tricks to add to your bag, my classes are fun and informative. In addition to that, they are pretty entertaining. Give me a call and let's plan one!

Check out my original recipes and put together your own collection of flavors. 


Pasta Making Classes

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Seafood Cookery

BBQ Classes & Traeger Tricks


Choose your own adventure

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Salads & Side Dishes

Basic Breads


Basic Skills

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