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The Reverse Sear

Check out this technique for cooking Rib Eye!!

I promise I will start writing about something other than meat soon. It's just that I delivered about 40 Chef Selection boxes from Premier Meats this week and my house was on the list of recipients so here we are, eating meat. All week.

I love the reverse sear technique for a Rib Eye.

Searing traditionally is where you take an item being cooked and cook it on high in a little oil, searing a nice crust on both sides and typically leaving the center rare to medium rare.

In the reverse sear, you slow cook for possible variations of temperatures from rare-med rare, but it still allows you to get that nice crust of the sear. I use my Traeger Smoker to do the slow cooking.

This one is real quick. Let's take a look at it.

Season the Rib Eye like normal. Salt, Black Pepper and in this case, a little rosemary from the garden.

Then I took these seasoned steaks and put them into the Traeger with the dial set at smoke. The smoke setting tends to cycle between about 180 and 220 degrees.

Smoke the steaks until they are to your desired temp. I like mine Medium so I smoked them to about 110-115 degrees internal temp leaving room for more cooking to happen when I seared them off. Desired finish temp of about 130 degrees.

Here's what they looked like after I pulled them out of the smoker. They were a nice Rare and smelled great, like smoke and rosemary.

Next, ideally with a cast iron pan or some other heavy bottom pan that conducts and holds heat well, sear those bad boys up. I used Olive Oil and I added some crushed garlic after I turned the heat off. You can see a browned piece of garlic on top of the rib eye in the picture below.

The fat and the end corners are going to get nice and crispy and variably cooked. The steak itself has great smoky flavor and was a perfect medium all the way through. Crunchy on the outside from the sear though.

My family and I enjoyed these steaks with a BIG Salad and some creamy horseradish and that was a nice little meal of quality protein and raw vegetables after an active day.

For those of you who have been ordering, thank you! I hope you've been enjoying what I've been dropping off. For those of you who haven't ordered yet, what are you waiting for?

Keep eating well!


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