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Restaurant Chef Goes Private

I am happy to announce that after twelve years of cooking in restaurants that I will be taking my act into the private sector. For years while cooking at Julienne I created flavors that people fell in love with. My goal moving into 2020 is to offer a service that will allow you to bring those flavors home to your family and friends.

Like everything I do, Market Forager is an experiment. This experiment largely depends on you. The reader. The eater. My Word of Mouth Marketer. Without you, this doesn't even exist. My services will develop as different demands present themselves and as I think of creative ways to feed you. Or better yet, you tell me, Santa Barbara. How can I help feed you?

My Cooking Classes are fun and fully customizable too. You can give me an ingredient that you want to focus on and I can show you some techniques and recipes or you can schedule me for a get together with your friends or as a gift for a friend or a loved one. From time to time I will even be hosting my own classes with my subject matter.

I look forward to using my culinary skills to educate people in hopes of giving everyone more confidence in the kitchen and with food. At the most basic of life's needs is our need to eat. Once you learn to manipulate food in a way that allows you to create beautiful meals, your quality of life will improve. I promise.

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