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RECIPE: Hillbilly Hunter - Wild Game Stew

Hello Everyone!

I apologize it has been so long since I have put up a Blog. To be 100% honest, and I have said it before, blogging is difficult! I have a hard time with the photos. And I know a blog is more interesting with good photos. So my lack there of is always a blockage point for getting these things up. But I want to get you guys a recipe, so I am going to give you guys a great recipe and a bad photo? Sound good? Please let me know in the comments section how you feel. Do you care about pictures like I do, or are you more interested in just getting some recipes?

This recipe is one from my late Father's recipe book. It's something we used to serve back at West Bros BBQ on the "Un-Usual" Side of the menu.. We had a "Usual Side" and "Un-Usual Side". The unusual side changed seasonally, I wonder where I got it from??

He called this dish Hillbilly Hunter. This recipe is intended for game meats. I like to make it with Rabbit. But it would be great with Chicken or Pork as well. If you've never had rabbit before you should give it a try. I like to think of rabbit as an indigenous meat. Of course these days, unless you hunt one yourself, all the rabbit you will eat is farm raised. Rabbit does very well like this and this ensures the rabbit you receive will always be nice and tender and uniform in size.

We used to run this dish at Julienne from time to time and we always served it with Potato Gnocchi but it would also be great with a thick broad noodle like Pappardelle or Fettuccine or simply on a pile of Mashed Potatoes.

It's best to braise your meat ahead of time, then you can use the jus from whatever you braise for the jus that this recipe calls for.

Here's the recipe:

1/2 Cup Onion, Small Dice

1/2 Cup Celery, Small Dice

1/2 Cup Carrot, Small Dice

4 Clove Garlic, Sliced

1tsp Coriander Seed, Crushed

1tsp Dried Thyme

3 Cups Mushrooms, Sliced

1/2 Cup Parsley, Chopped

1 TBSP Basil, Chopped

1 Cup Red Wine

2 Cups Braising Jus

2 Cups Stewed Tomatoes


In a thick bottom sauce pot, sauté the onion, celery & carrot until soft. Next add the garlic and dry herbs and cook briefly.

Add mushrooms and cook until mushrooms just start to cook.

Then add the red wine and allow to reduce by half. Finally, add the tomatoes and the braising jus.

Your wild game meat should be picked from the bone (if any) and added to this stew.

Once added, simmer 12-15 minutes until it reaches your desired consistency.

This is enough sauce for about 2# of boneless braised meat OR for 1 whole Rabbit (in this case)

Here's my poor photo of the stew, after I added the rabbit and the gnocchi (which I boiled in water prior to adding to this stew)

Another poor photo but this gives you the idea of the consistency I usually take it to

I always have Chicken Thigh and Chicken Breast on the truck. Rabbit is always available, but it is a special order item.

And here's a Rabbit Loin dish from back in the day at Julienne when I used to plate food for a living :) ... That's the other problem with my home food photos... I lack the toys and garnishes and most times I am so hungry that I eat first, then lament the lack of a photo...


Ancho Dusted Rabbit Loin with a duo of Carrot Purees, Grilled Carrots, Cauliflower and Almond Salsa Verde ...... Featured for Easter dinner one year at Julienne.

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