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Make Your Own Corned Beef

Good Morning!

It's March 1st and if you are going to make your own Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day then you'd better get started this week. I have Whole Brisket's available now through the end of the week for 9.64/Lb.


I will deliver a recipe with your Brisket. You'll need to trim it prior to brining it.

Here's a video from Aaron Franklin on how to trim a brisket.

Brisket will be delivered fresh on Wednesday March 3rd. You'll need to get your brisket on the brine sometime before March 7 or it might not cure all the way through by St. Patty's Day.

Then, on March 16 & 17 I will host a couple of zoom classes.

March 16th will be a really short zoom where we will remove the Brisket from the brining solution and get it rubbed down with the dry rub for the following day. We will go over our cook plan and then we will refrigerate our brisket over night.

March 17th St. Patricks Day we will re-convene on zoom to cook our briskets. The Zoom format of this will be come and go as you please. It's more of a question and answer opportunity along the way and then we can also share different cooking methods. Attendance is not required.

I will be cooking my brisket on a combination of the Traeger (I love that smoke!) and then I'll finishing it in the oven in some broth.

You are welcome to do it your own way, there is no wrong answer when you start with great quality beef and when you start the process 2 weeks in advance.

This is a totally free event. All you have to do is buy your own brisket and supplies for corning. (water, sugar, salt & spices..) I plan on eating my Corned Beef with Braised Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes.


The briskets I will be supplying are from Creekstone Farms. These are 100% Certified Premium Black Angus.


First off, the quality of the beef you will start with. These Creekstone Briskets are gorgeous. The flavor is so much better it doesn't even compare with anything else you can find at the supermarket. But also, being able to control the salt content. Corned beef is inherently salty but when you make it from scratch it is the least salty it can be.

If this sounds cool to you and you want to give it a go, then give me call and let's get a brisket ordered for you for Wednesday!

Feel free to call or text me with any questions. Brisket orders need to be placed by 8pm on Tuesday in order to make it on the truck for Wednesday.


Justin West

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