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Harissa Yogurt Marinated Chicken

This yogurt is bright and spicy and is great with chicken or lamb. I like to pair this preparation with pita bread or couscous salad with cucumber, tomato & red onion or a simple green salad. You will want to do this recipe a day ahead of when you want to eat it though.

As you can see from this picture this preparation was with Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast. I don't usually do this. I like my chicken bone in. I think there was a special this week on chicken breast at Lazy Acres. Buy one pound get one pound or something... As a chef I am especially susceptible to deals on food.

This yogurt, which ultimately is the focus of the post, would be epic on bone in chicken or wings too though. Something where you have to lick your fingers. The yogurt does great things off the grill. I also really like it on lamb, skewered and grilled or on roasted leg of lamb.

Start by zesting and juicing your lemon.

Add your garlic ( 3 cloves, sliced) and parsley (chopped)

Add about a TBSP of Harissa and a TBSP of olive oil.

Here's a link to the Harissa...

Add the yogurt and season it with salt and pepper.

Mix and season check. You can also add more harissa at this point if you want it more spicy.

Cover the chicken in the yogurt. I use gloves to spread it really well. If you are using a whole chicken it's not a bad idea to get some of this under the skin where you can too. The point is, the yogurt is the marinade. Full coverage for flavor. Place this in the fridge over night.

Don't cross contaminate your yogurt when you are marinating the meats! Then you can put it back into the yogurt container and save it to eat with this when it all is done.

The chicken can be cooked on the grill, in the smoker or roasted in the oven. The hotter the better. Char and caramelization on the yogurt is crucial for maximum flavor.

I do not recommend this preparation if you are going to pan roast in oil. The water content of the yogurt and the oil are a bad combination.

Happy Cooking!


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