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Burgers Are For the Weekend!

As the weather warms up and the quarantine continues it's time to get outside and cook your dinner

I'm going to be perfectly honest. Usually, when I want a burger I jump in the car and I go to In and Out Burger. I love their burgers. I think they have great tasting beef, I love the fresh fries and their milk shakes. But, here we are on quarantine and here I was with my Premier Meats Chef's Selection Meat Box... And, there's something about a home made burger. It always tastes different. This one in particular is one that I used to do at Julienne. It's a seasoned burger, meaning that there are herbs, spices and flavorings mixed in with the beef. Let's take a look at it.

Here's the recipe:

922g (2#) Ground Beef

18g (1T) Salt

2g (1tsp) Pepper

3g (1 tsp) Mustard Powder

20g (4 cloves) Garlic

5g (1T) Parsley

30mL (2T). Worc. Sauce

(I didn't have any Work. Sauce... so I subbed in 15mL of soy sauce and a splash of fish sauce)

Why Grams? I hear you asking yourself.. I write all of my recipes in metric (grams). Reason being is this;

1. It's easier. Digital Scale, grams. No ambiguity. 10 grams is always 10 grams. Give that recipe to anyone and know that weights are hard to mess up.

2. It's easier to scale. Say I want to make 1.5x the batch. You just do some simple math and get a new number to weigh to on the scale. Not this conversion of tsp to TBSP or TBSP to Cups, or whacky measurements. Just a nice number, in grams.

3. You can season by %. What does that mean? Over the years I have found that I like salt content in my meats (sausages and such) around 2%. That means I can take 1000g of meat and know, pretty well, that 20g of salt is going to be a good starting point for creating that recipe. That is helpful and that calculation wouldn't be so easy trying to figure out TBSP of Salt into Pounds of Beef...

Go Buy Yourself a Digital Scale. This is the one I have. $20. It will change the way you cook.

Let's continue...

Below is the beef and all those ingredients pre-mix.. You want to mix that well with your hands (I always wear gloves when handling raw meat)

Then you are going to shape the patties. I like to use a lid from something big and I line the inside of the lid with plastic wrap and then press the patties into the lid. Then you can easily take the patty out of the lid and you've got your patties in nice plastic wrap packages. In this case, I made 6 burgers for the 4 of us and was able to freeze two for a quick and easy meal later down the road. I do this thing I call a Cheeseburger Salad. I'll do a separate post about that.....

The point is, look how nice those patties are.

You could make these ahead of time and then refrigerate but I recommend either freezing them or eating them on that first day. Because there is salt in the recipe, if you leave them in the fridge for too long the salt will begin to cure the burger and it will start to grey and the texture will be different.

Take these Patties to the grill (or in my case the EVO Grill... I'll do a post about that thing too)

They don't need to be seasoned because that's already mixed in.

Of course we wanted bacon. The bacon grease on the grill adds epic flavor to the burgers too.

The EVO has a lid so after I placed the cheese I capped the grill so I could get a nice melt on the cheese.

The finished product. A juicy Bacon Cheese Burger.

Only problem was this store bought bun. What are you gonna do? There are no good buns in the grocery store...

I have a really nice Bun Recipe, just didn't have the time. But the kids ate them and it was a crunchy fresh beefy burger that was great with my Pizza Port SIPA.

Try out the burger recipe and get outside on that grill!!


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