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Ahi Poke Recipe

When the weather gets hot sometimes it's nice to eat your protein cold. Ahi Poke with a salad is a great midweek meal for doing just that. It's also a good mid-day snack to keep you fueled for your day without bogging you down.

I wanted to get this recipe out to you before the weekend because it looks like it is going to be nice!

Pictured below is a fancy take on Ahi Poke that came out of one of my kitchens in the past. I love this one because this takes the traditional Furikake (Seaweed and sesame) element and tweaks it a little bit, turning it into a puree. As it turns out that Nori Puree is pretty damn good on a variety of different things.

This Poke Dressing recipe is a pretty simple and I put most of the writing into the PDF that is linked, so this blog post is going to be really short.

If you've got some ahi on hand give this a try.

It sure beats the grab and go option at the grocery store.

Here's what it looks like on a normal afternoon for my family. I spruced this one up with a little Cilantro, celery heart & minced ginger. The other night I made one with snap peas because I couldn't find a ripe avocado. I like to encourage people to get creative. Think about texture as well as flavor. Texture is so important!


Da Poke Shack in Kona, HI. INSANE Poke selection. That stuff on top of the rice is Furikake. It really adds a lot of flavor to the dish so don't skip the Nori/Sesame flavor profile. If you don't make that Nori Puree, get some Furikake.

Here is a PDF link to the recipe from up above to make it easier to print.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!


Download PDF • 1.07MB

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