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Wusthof classic

I have been buying Wusthof Classic knives exclusively for over 15 years. I love the rocker on their 8" Chef's Knife and the steel is just hard enough to hold an edge but soft enough to hone the edge back on a simple honing steel. They also have a full tang which gives the handle really nice weight and balance. 

8" Chef's Knife

6" Boning Knife

6" Curved Blade Boning Knife

7" Cleaver


Arctic King 7cu chest freezer

Squash your freezer space issues with a 7cu/ft Chest Freezer to store your Meat & Seafood!

7cu Chest Freezer


Taylor digital meat thermometer

Know the temp! Stop using your finger to poke the meat! 

Follow this Link and get a thermometer. 

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