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Thanks to the kitchen and refrigeration space at Pure Joy Catering I am able to produce some new products. Here's a few of the things I have been creating for this week.

1. Strawberry Jam

STRAWBERRY JAM: The strawberries from Givens Farm have just been getting sweeter and sweeter and my kids love PB&J's so I purchased extra berries on Tuesday and I made some jam.


Strawberries, Meyer Lemon Juice and Sugar.

Here's how I eat it: On A Cheese Plate, English Muffin, Toast and Jam (with butter under the jam, c'mon), in crepes with powdered sugar and lemon juice, PB&J's at the beach or on a hike, on a grilled cheese sandwich (WHAT??, try it!!)

2. Pepita Pesto


This uses pumpkin seeds in place of pine nuts and cilantro in place of basil. This is great with a variety of vegetables and can be used to add some variety to your taco night. It's something that I created for a Shaved Carrot Salad at Julienne.

Shaved Carrots, Mandarins, Pickled Onions, Goat Cheese, Cilantro, Pepita Pesto

Later on at Wildwood we took that combination and applied it to the

Grilled Carrots with Pepita Pesto.

Both of those dishes are super easy to re-create, as long as you have this Pesto.


Pumpkin Seeds, Cilantro, Garlic, Coriander, Cilantro, Tarragon, Vinegar, Oil, Salt & Pepper.

3. Pickled Stuff


"Pickled Stuff" was a term I coined back in 2010 when we started doing Charcuterie Plates at Julienne. We would put pickled stuff on the plate to contrast fatty meats and mustards.

That term later started showing up on menus around town, which of course annoyed me. But whatever. I don't have a restaurant anymore and Pickled Stuff is the perfect term to describe the act of pickling the things that are leftover from Market.

Nothing should ever go bad. In the old days food preservation was as big a part as food cultivation. We are spoiled with our refrigerators and grocery stores now but I feel like preservation of food locks in certain times of the year that are fun to go back and revisit. Jacob Grant from Roots Farm calls his canned tomatoes "Summer in a Bottle". You just don't get that from grocery store canned tomatoes. Not even close. This mentality is part of what made the food at Julienne so good. This was a practice that went into our food production and was part of the story we told. Look, I'm still telling it!

Ingredients of the pickling liquid are;

Vinegar, Water, Salt, Sugar, Pickling Spice, Garlic

If you have an order already placed, feel free to add to it!!

Happy Eating,

Justin West

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